A free 30-minute consultation that allows us the opportunity to get to know your business and what your websites end goal is.  Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll provide you with a project specification and brainstorm some ideas with you.

Once we decide that we are ready to move forward and work on your website together, I will send you a formal proposal based on our conversation. When you click to approve the proposal, a contract and invoice for your (non-refundable) deposit will be available for you to sign and pay. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, you will get an email to our client portal where we will add all of your homework!


Planning & Homework

Web design and build can be quite complicated. It’s very important to plan your site way before you get involved in any design or build – this will help to ensure it does its job once live.

Homework never sounds fun, but in this case, it is! We have a series of forms created that will help us get the detailed information we need to do your design. You will get these forms one at a time so that you aren’t overwhelmed. The completion of one form will trigger your next form to be sent! Just take your time and have fun with them!



This stage includes pulling all the information together from the previous stages and putting together some initial wireframes for the site home page.

We look at content, hierarchy, user experience and a wide range of other factors during wireframing stages to explore the optimum layout and content for the site homepage.

The design is a crucial element of a web project, but it’s only one element and will not convert visitors on its own.



Once you approve the final look for your website, we turn up the nerd and get started with the coding. We only build sites on WordPress, so the first stage is to get this all set up and to install our bespoke theme.

We also start to build in the required functionality at this stage – this will include anything on the homepage, such as sliders and other requirements for the rest of the site.

This is another side to website planning – the functions. It’s important that we know everything you want the site to do at this point.

You can depend on our experience to know you’ll get standards-based and accessible websites that work perfectly in modern web browsers.



Getting a new site ready to go live is a complex process that requires everything to be done correctly at each stage to avoid errors on the live site – it’s also where all your website planning comes to fruition.

In short, we pick up the site from our development servers and move it to the live servers with as little downtime as is humanly possible.

There are various other complications that come into play such as DNS changes, but we’re very experienced in dealing with all these!

Once the site is live we then have a 50+ point go live checklist that we work through to thoroughly test the site and make sure everything is working properly.



When your new site is live, don’t stop with your website planning – it should be an ongoing element of your digital marketing.

Many sites we work on have phase 1, 2 and 3 development. Phase 1 is the initial site design and builds with phases 2 and 3 being additional planned development.

One of the great things about a well-built WordPress website is that further development is straightforward – there’s no need to throw the old site away and start from scratch.

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