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by Georgia Mitchell –


I want to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business as your provider of website design services.

Your website is more than just an overview of your company: it’s a digital branded content that informs and engages your digital audience and ultimately affects their buying behaviour and perception of your Brand.

Australia is becoming an e-commerce powerhouse. In 2017, growth in online spending increased by 10% while in-store foot traffic increased by just 3%. It’s estimated by 2020 45% of e-commerce purchases will be done on mobile devices.

When implemented correctly, e-commerce:

  • Connects you to a customer base you otherwise never would have access to.
  • Lower your costs and raise your margins on sales.
  • Create an automated flow of repeat business and perpetual ordering cycles.
  • Save you a great deal of money in loss prevention costs.
  • Increase your brand recognition and make your business a leader in your industry.

I am excited for the opportunity to work with you in accomplishing your goals. I have prepared this proposal to provide a thorough introduction and a detailed breakdown of the deliverables and pricing for your upcoming project.

Kind Regards,

Georgia Mitchell

My Process

What to expect when working with me

I take a structured approach to web design. My development process was created to ensure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget. Once your web design project kicks off, here’s what to expect:


The first step is I need to thoroughly understand your business, your business goals, your customers and their expectations and behaviour, and how your website factors into all of it. I’ll also look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function and then improve on that. This stage will give me the foundation for moving forward with just the right recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website.


Wireframes look like simple skeletons of your website without the visual polish of the finished design, allowing me to experiment and iterate on solutions quickly so that I have a good sense of how the content provided by you should be laid out across different screen sizes and they give you a visual representation of the site’s overall layout.


Once we’ve agreed on a final design based on the wireframes, I’ll kick off the technical side of the web design process. This will include deploying your CMS, creating your custom theme and page designs. I will send you a link and password once your 1st Draft is ready for review. You can provide feedback by email, and we can have a call to discuss those requested edits if needed. Reviewing the 1st draft is a great opportunity to request changes to the navigation menu, fonts, colours and images so we can lock down the structure and look of the site. I will incorporate your feedback from Draft 1 to present you with Draft 2, which is one last opportunity to request edits to the content, look or layout. I take your feedback from Draft 2 and present you with the final draft. But not to worry — if you miss something in your review or don’t have time to provide additional content, you’ll be able to make edits yourself once your site is live. However, if you prefer to add another draft before launching the site, this will incur an additional design time beyond what is in your quote.


Once I have finished development, I will get to work testing your site’s performance and reliability. I’ll use various tools to benchmark your site for loading, responsiveness, and speed, while also ensuring that it works reliably on all web browsers and mobile devices.


When revisions and testing are complete, the website will be updated and go live, and the design project will be complete. I will hand over the keys to your kingdom when your site had been successfully launched,

If you have any questions about this quote, feel free to get in touch anytime at
Please find my project fees detailed below. The payment will be delivered in 2 milestones as the project progresses. 50% of the estimated* project cost (non-refundable) due on signing the contract, before work begins and to secure your spot on my schedule. Once the website is ready to launch the remaining 50% is due before the website goes live. 100% of additional costs for additional features added to the project is due before website launch. Please keep in mind that the final balance must be paid in full before the final files and training are provided and/or website launch. * Estimated costs are simply that, estimated. Your quote is based on the scope of work at the beginning of the project, as well as the timeline outlined. If you wish to add to change the scope of work, and if the timeline changes due to these changes or additions, these costs will be billed as additionals costs and must be paid before website launch.

Overview of Costs

Research Design Development Testing





Total for Services


Overview of Costs

Research -$500 Design – $1,000 Development – $3,000 Testing – $500

Total for Services


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